🖇️How to login in-game

To login to Valkyrie Legend game, start the game by following steps below.

Start the Game

  1. When all patches have been downloaded, it will show Patch Completed. Click Start Game when ready.

Login to the Game

Enter your Account & Password in the ID and Password login form respectively.

Choose a character slot to create you character.

Enter your desired Character Name.

  • Tip: Character names can be up to 23 characters long and cannot be created if the name has already taken by someone else.

Determine your Character Gender.

  • Tip: Gender cannot be changed after character creation and Classes are divided according to gender.

Click on the arrow to choose your Hairstyle & Hair Color.

  • Tip: You can change your hairstyle & hair color in the future by completing quests after creating your character.

Click Create.

After your character has been created, choose your character and Click Start or you can simply double-click your character to login to the game.

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