🎲Rock Scissors Roulette

I have with me a chamber pistol with 1 round. First we play Scissors Paper Rock. The loser pulls the trigger. The winner is whoever comes out best.

Beat me to win a prize.

Russian roulette. Characters Lv +90 Cost: 25,000z & 10 PC

Delay to play again: 20 minuts.

Prize list:

Special reward

0.20% 1x Bubble Gum
0.20% 1x Infinite Fly wing
0.20% 1x Bloody Branch
0.20% 3x Enriched Elunium
0.20% 3x Enriched Oridecon
0.20% 1x Cafra Card Box
0.20% 1x Old Card Album
0.20% 1x Token Of Siegfried
0.20% 1x Convex Mirror Box (10)
0.20% 3x Gym pass

Normal reward

1% 3x Gold
1% 3x Yggdrasil Berry 
1% 4x Old Violet Box
1% 3x Increase AGI Scroll Box 10 pcs
1% 3x Blessing Scroll Box 10 pcs
1% 1x Enriched Oridecon
1% 3x Elite Siege Supply Box
1% 1x Enriched Elunium
1% 1x Gym Pass

Cute Pet System reward

1% 20x Sweet Coins
1% 3x Luxury Whisky Bottle
1% 1x Charming Lotus
1% 3x Magical Lithography
1% 1x Girl's Naivety
1% 3x Little Unripe Apple
1% 3x Fan Of Wind
1% 3x Explendid Mirror
1x Hell Contract
1x Foul Rotten Meat

Won Default 
79% 20x Poring Coin


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