🔥Endless Cellar Instance

Endless Tower is a challenging instance that gives heroes the opportunity to face a series of floors filled with monsters and bosses. Each floor presents a unique set of enemies and challenges, with difficulty increasing as heroes progress through the tower.

Objective The main goal of Endless Tower is to reach as high as possible, defeating monsters and bosses on each floor to advance to the next level. Heroes can work together in groups to overcome challenges and earn better rewards as they climb higher in the tower.


  • Progressive Difficulty: Each floor of the tower presents increasing difficulty, challenging heroes to improve their skills and strategies to advance.

  • Challenging Monsters and Bosses: Endless Tower hosts a variety of powerful enemies, including formidable bosses that require cooperation and planning to defeat.

  • Valuable Rewards: Heroes are rewarded with valuable items and unique equipment for completing floors and reaching certain milestones in the tower.

Access Heroes cannot venture into this dangerous location alone; they must be part of a party to enter the towe.

Strategies When facing Endless Tower, it's important to consider the party composition, each character's skills, and the weaknesses of the enemies. Cooperation and effective communication are key to success in this challenging instance.

Notes Endless Tower can be an intense and challenging experience, and may require several attempts before achieving success. It is recommended that players adequately prepare with supplies and equipment before venturing into the tower.

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