🩷Poring Corporation

In the vast realm of Rune Midgard, a name echoes among adventurers and merchants alike: Poring Corporation. This distinguished corporation, founded centuries ago by visionary entrepreneurs, has become the financial and regulatory heart of our land.

With its headquarters located in the bustling city of Prontera, Poring Corporation is dedicated to the control and trade of the valuable currency of the realm: Poring Coins. Named in honor of the famous poring creatures that inhabit our lands, these coins are the official currency used in commercial transactions and services across Rune Midgard.

Reset prices

For Base_Level 70 and below:

Reset Stats: 100k Reset Skills: 100k Reset both: 150k

You can reset unlimited times, and the prices include Star Gladiator resets.

For above Base_Level 70:

First reset: 1,000,000z Second reset: 2,000,000z Third reset: 1,000 Poring Coin

As a regulatory entity, Poring Corporation ensures that commercial transactions are safe and fair for all citizens of Rune Midgard. Additionally, they facilitate the exchange of goods and services among adventurers and merchants, thus promoting economic growth and prosperity in our realm.

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