๐Ÿ˜‡Novice In-Game Guide

New to Valkyrie Legend RO? We got you covered!

Brand new citizens of Midgard, hello there! This guide is designed specifically to cater to your needs to guide you on where to begin to get you up to speed with the our Community!



Talk to Shion until this dialogue shows up. If you are new to the game, it is advised to learn the basic interfaces first. Any of the options will still allow you to talk to her again for some EXP.

Shion will then direct you to go past the bridge to the right.

Once you reach the most right of the map, you will see a portal. Simply walk to it.


Inside the castle, you will be met by an NPC named, receptionist. The receptionist will ask for your in-game name.

He will then show you some options for you to choose.

For new Ragnarok Online players, it is advised to pick the training grounds introduction, so you will have an idea what youโ€™re about to do.

It is also advised to [Apply for training], so you can get free items and supplies. This will make your adventure in Midgard much smoother.

Interfaces Tutor

Picking the โ€œapply for training groundโ€ will send you into the inner part of the castle, where you will meet the interfaces tutor. Simply talk to him.

Picking yes will have the NPC explain what the UI does. The NPC will then reward you some base EXP and job EXP throughout his dialogue. A tattered novice ninja suit will be given as well.

Talk to him again and pick, โ€œThank you!โ€

Skill Tutor

The interfaces tutor will send you to the skill tutor.Talk to him and pick, โ€œwhat do you teach?โ€. He will explain the skill UI(alt+S) to you and will reward you with some base EXP and job EXP throughout his dialogue.After that, walk to the right. Just past the interface tutor, you will see 2 NPCs.

Item Tutor

Talk to the item Tutor, the NPC with brown hair, and pick yes to attend her class. She will explain the inventory system of Ragnarok Online. Throughout her dialogue, you will be rewarded with armors, consumables, and some EXP.

Other tutors

To your right, there is a portal that will go to another room, where there are other tutors. These tutors do not give rewards and will only explain stuff to you.


This instructor will explain how the windows/interfaces work.

Somatology Instructor

This instructor will explain how the basic stats (alt+A) work.

Understanding of skill

This instructor will explain the different types of skills found in the game. He also teaches the use of emoticons.Get out of the room, by going to the portal to the left. Once youโ€™re out of it, walk to the most left side of the room and enter the portal.

Combat Training

In this room, you will find NPCs that are related to combat training. And a potato merchant.


Talk to the Helper NPC (most left) He will explain Ragnarok Onlineโ€™s combat system and will reward you some EXP. You can also continue asking him for details regarding monsters, experience, and items.

Entrance Guard

Once you are done with the helperโ€™s class. You can speak to the entrance guard. He will send you to field combat training. Before he sends you away, he will give you some items and consumables.You must gain at least 2 base levels to complete this training.


The trainer is there to provide a little information of where you are.

He can also send you to a different map where there are stronger monsters. Once you are ready to kill some monsters, walk towards the north, or just explore the whole area. You will find weak monsters in this area.โ€‹

Do a bit of grinding until your job level is 10 and have gained 2 base levels. If grinding feels a bit slow, just talk to the trainer to fight stronger monsters.

Once you hit job 10, you have two options; speaking to trainer NPC, to fight stronger monsters to gain more base levels, or a job change.

Test Examiner

Once you reach job 10, you are now eligible for the next course. Speak to the Test Examiner at the most northern part of the map. He will ask you if you want to move on to the next course, pick yes.

The Next Course

In this room, you will find 2 NPCs. Speak to the left NPC first, he will tell you information regarding the 1st jobs.

Once you have decided on which job to take, talk to Hanson, the guy behind the counter. Choose โ€œIโ€™ll take the courseโ€. This will be a series of questions that will determine the right job/class for you. The result of this is not really important. You are free to become what you want.

You will be rewarded with some potions after the series of questions. If you liked the result of this course, you can go with it. There is also an option to pick your own choice.

If you pick your own choice, another dialogue will show up containing all the classes. Just pick the class you like and Hanson will reward you with some Kafra tickets and send you to the job change building of your chosen class.

You will be warped to your class instructor, where you will have to go through a series of tests to prove that you are worthy.

Important Tips

Adding Status Points

Through gaining base levels you earn status points. You can add them by pressing ALT+A, this will show your status window.Adding status points can be done in 2 ways; manually or via command.

Adding status points manually

This can be done by clicking the left button icon of the desired stat.

Adding status points via Command

Command syntax:/stat+ amount.

The stats are str, agi, vit, int, dex, and luk.

Adding Skill Points

Using up all of your skill points is required for a job change. To spend your skill points, press ALT+S.

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